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Maranta leuconeura plant

Maranta leuconeura , also known as prayer plant. The reason why? Marantas fold their leaves into a huddle at night and go to "sleep". The leaves fold upward like praying hands giving the plant its common name of prayer plant. These plants are hardy.
• 12cm pot
• Approx 30 cm tall
• Comes with build in air filtering qualities as standard.
Light: partial shade - colours fade in bright light. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Move to a well - lit but sunless spot in winter.
Water: keep compost moist at all times - reduce watering in winter. Use soft, tepid water. Temperature: average warmth - sudden fluctuations can harm delicate varieties. Maintain minimum winter temperature of 50°F.
Humidity: mist leaves regularly. Surround pot with damp peat.

Please note that the plant is supplied in plastic growing pot. Any images shown with decorative pot are for illustration purposes only.